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Multi Account Manager

Multi Account Manager (MAM) is designed to provide the professional trader the essential integrated software tools to quickly and conveniently allocate and manage funds under master account arrangement in live trading conditions.

MAM5 Administrator

Multi Account Manager “MAM5” software for the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Server trading platform. The MAM5 broadens the functionality of the MetaTrader by enabling the Money Manager to effectively trade and manage multiple accounts from a single MT5 interface.

MAM5 WEB Client

The MAM5 WEB CLIENT APPLICATION allows a platform independent access to the Multi Account Manager software MAM5. It is featured with all the Functionality of the MAM5 Client and Administrator app. It allows a seamless Cross-Platform Access to the MAM5 – Control Accounts and Settings from Android, MacOS and Windows Devices from Anywhere.

MAM5 Server Plug-In

The Multi Account Manager MAM5 SERVER PLUG-IN guaranty fast, reliable operations and Maximum efficiency as it is deeply integrated in the MetaTrader 5 Server. It provides Instant Execution of Trades with Guaranteed Execution Prices due to “post-trade” Allocation Method.

MAM for MetaTrader 4 package

MAM is designed specifically for Money Managers that utilize the MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform. It is ideal for traders that manage multiple accounts utilizing Expert Advisors (EAs). MAM broadens the functionality of the MetaTrader 4 Platform by enabling the Money Manager to effectively trade and manage multiple accounts from a single MT4 interface.

WLS White Label Solutions

Our White Label Solutions allow you a quick, easy and affordable way to establish and secure your startup brokerage business with reliability based on the MetaTrader platform. All needed standard features are available and more with customisation, with or without your branding.


The MT4-to-MT4 bridge is used to establish connection between two or more Metatrader 4 Servers and redirect trade requests from one server to another. The plugin addresses three questions:
• Reduce trading risk
• Gain Volume
• Automate Dealing

EST. 2006

Who we are

KeySoft Group is a consortium of software development companies providing solutions for the MetaTrader Trading Platforms. Founded in 2005 as METAfx, we are now among the leading developers in supporting MetaTrader 4and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. Accumulated knowledge and experience allow us to offer qualitative services and effective solutions to our clients.

While working in the field of programming of financial applications and MetaTrader support we have learned to follow one simple principle – reliability is the priority. And just because of this, we are using our own well tested libraries for the core logic even in the simplest applications. Due to this, we have been able to increase the stability of the products and lower the costs of the projects.

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